VHF contest Operation


From 1980 onwards we have been participating in the VHF-UHF IARU Region 1 contests. Our contest group consists of:

  • Peter, PA3AUC
  • Han, PA3BPL
  • Johan, PA3CLH
  • Frans, PA3CQE
  • Paul, PA3DSB
  • Carel, PC5M
  • Rob, PE1ITR


The contest QTH (JO21OJ) is located in the country side near the city of Eindhoven in the south of the Netherlands and we operate from a barn with plenty of free space around us to setup the antennas and supports. Due to the fact that we have to setup the complete station from scratch (and we are getting a bit older...), we participate only during the Marconi CW contest in the first weekend in november. Because we like to experiment a bit and to avoide of being able to realy start at the beginning of each contest we change the setup every contest .....



IC910H feeding 2 power amlifiers:

  • 400W++ homemade amplifier with a GS35B tube
  • 400W++ Henry amplifier with two 3CX400 tubes
vhf equipment1_400_300


At present we use 2 antenna systems:

  • 2 vertically stacked 3.5 lambda yagis (16 el) at 25 mtrs
  • 4 vertically stacked 1.5 lambda yagis (8 el) at 15 mtrs, fixed into direction OK and OE
vhf antenna1_400_300
vhf support1_400_300


Support used is a homemade steel mast. Based on 6 mtrs long triangluar shaped elements bolded together. Construction is erected by using a motor coupled winch of an old dutch army landrover.




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